If you write, you're a writer. If you want to write, you're a writer. This is the foundation of my philosophy.  My goal is to help writers build (or rebuild) a practice, and tuck away new tools, resources, and insights that make writing approachable. I enjoy highlighting the natural strengths of my students' work, and drawing out their creative visions and abilities through sensitive investigation of their ideas and motivations.

“we can build bridges that consistently draw out our creative minds.”

I believe that through practice and attention, we can build bridges that consistently draw out our creative minds.  I enjoy working with students who are just beginning to put words to the page as well as with writers who need support to kick start, stick with, or wrap up existing projects. I love poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction/memoir/essay, and every hybrid in-between.  Whatever your genre, I challenge my students to write with honesty,  heart, and most of all—to  write. 



“Molly is a dream.”

"I knew I had a book that I needed to write, and I looked for a writing coach that could be my northstar during the process. Molly is a dream. She keeps me accountable, cheers me on, provides only constructive feedback that advances my skills. My writing has improved and she's always raising the bar so each chapter just gets better. With two kids and my own business to manage, I don't think I could have done it without her!" --Laura Close, Executive Coach

“as well as a sense that i can, actually, do this.”

"To my family and friends, I'm considered a writer. Despite a lot of blogging and some beautiful phrasing in facebook posts, I haven't known how to move forward with any major projects. I joined Molly's workshop to build a more consistent writing practice and to challenge my limitations. I had no idea how much I would get out of it! In three months I have learned to take on dialogue (a major fear/unknown in the past) and how to recognize story arcs and techniques that are part of virtually any successful story. Molly provided reference materials and excellent examples to complement our writing processes and I have a long reading list to build on moving forward. The pace was also perfect—each session providing something new that explained a piece of writing I didn't realize I needed clarification on, as well as a sense that I can, actually, do this. I am thrilled to continue working with Molly and building my writing practice with her extremely effective coaching."

-- Megan MacDonald, Writer

“always right on and exactly what you need to hear in a nonjudgmental, yet clear and concise voice.”

"I've so enjoyed working with Molly as a writing coach extraordinaire!  She's been wonderful for my sensitive writing soul in encouraging me to just be my own authentic voice and follow the vision.  I had been stuck in my novel and with some genius suggestions on where and when to use backstory, I was suddenly back in the game after a whole year hiatus. 

Plus, she offered many interesting sidebars that showcased various writing techniques of famous writers and our discussion of the different strategies, creative vision, and writing mechanics and how it related to our work gave me new inspiration each time. It was brilliant! 

I would recommend anyone to Molly who has something in the works they need expert writing nudges to get to that next level -- and ultimately to get the work published.  She has been just stellar in all of her advice, always right on and exactly what you need to hear in a nonjudgmental yet clear and concise voice.  It's been great working with her and I'm well on my way to getting this thing DONE at long last!" -- S. Courter, Writer